Week 9 Results and SignUpGenius information

Despite the cool and rainy weather, 45 ladies braved the elements to tackle the course.

Week 9 Results       Irish Fling          Winners   Details

Click here to view Monthly reports    (Handicap and Ringer reports)

SIGNUP GENIUS – Due to a glitch with SUG the emails could not be sent out last night – but instead will come out tonight at 7:30pm so you can sign up for next week.  Since the delay was thru no fault of her own, Liz Lourie’s reputation for promptness in releasing the SUG emails remains unblemished!

Next week’s event is Ace of Aces & Mutt and Jeff.  As always, record your actual strokes and putts because all “special” weekly events are automatically calculated by the computer program.  Click here for an explanation of the Ace of Aces tournament.   Mutt and Jeff means that your strokes on all Par 3 and Par 5 holes is totaled, then 1/2 your handicap is subtracted to arrive at your Net score for the day.


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