Board of Directors – Duties and Responsibilities

Pinecrest Women’s Golf Association
Board of  Directors
Duties and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is comprised of the elected officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer); chair of the standing committees and committee members.

The President presides over Board meetings; in her absence the Vice President presides.  Meetings are called at the discretion of the President but must be called at least once between November election and the opening general meeting in March.

All Board members present at meetings are eligible to vote on matters brought before the Board. Any matter that requires a change in the Association By-Laws must be brought before the entire Association membership, as stipulated in the By-laws.

Click the links below for Duties & Responsibilities of each individual position:

Standing Committee Chairs:
  Duties – Membership    (revised 3/13/17)
  Duties – Rules                 (revised 3/19/17)
  Duties – Social                (revised 10/27/17)
  Duties – Tournament    (revised 10/27/17)