Day of Play and Keeping Score

Day of Play

On day of play, be at the clubhouse 30 minutes ahead of tee time and be prepared to tee-off ten minutes early. Be ready to walk to the tee when the starter calls your group.

Late or need to cancel?  It is your responsibility to call the Clubhouse at Pinecrest (703-941-1061) if you will be late or need to cancel your tee time. If you fail to keep your tee time three weeks in a row and do not call the starter, you will not be able to sign up for a tee time for the next three weeks. You may play, but will have to show up and wait for an opening.

If you have not signed up and want to play, arrive early or call (703-941-1061) and the starter may be able to get you on.

Keeping Score

Players are expected to complete all nine holes. If for some reason a player must stop play, the reason for doing so must be indicated on the scorecard.

Two score cards will be kept in each group of Monday play. Pick up the “official” white group-numbered card on the PWGA table.

  • Players’ names should be printed, last name first, then first name, on each scorecard.
  • Scorekeepers will enter total strokes per hole and number of putts for each player. (For the “regular” card, this is written 5/2 or 5-2.)  The computer calculates the current day’s event score.

Note: The putts are counted when the player has made her first putt from the putting green and all subsequent strokes, whether or not her ball goes off the green and whether or not she uses a “putter” per se. Each player is responsible for keeping her own score and reporting it to the scorekeepers.

At the end of your round, on the “official” scorecard, write the time the 1st person tees off from the 1st hole, and the time the last person exits the 9th green.

  • After scores are totaled, verify that both cards agree.
  • The “official” scorecard must be dated and signed by the two people who were keeping score. If not signed and dated, scores do not count.
  • Scorekeepers enter scores in the computer and put the “official” scorecard in the box provided.
    • Player didn’t finish?  Enter just the name, no scores so attendance is recorded.
    • Captain’s Choice – enter just the names, no scores so attendance is recorded.
  • The computer calculates your current day event score.
  • The computer will “adjust” the scores for the maximum number of shots per hole according to your handicap.


Page revised 6/27/2017 by Pat Martin