SignUpGenius (SUG)


Sign up for a tee time in advance.  Each Monday around 7:30pm you will receive an email invitation from to sign up for a tee time at Follow the link and directions to sign up. You may sign up yourself only.

Note: Try to fill in all time slots. If you skip time slots, you may find yourself with no one to play with that day (and your score will not be counted as League play). The starter/course may move your tee time earlier OR may fill in those time slots with non-league players if they are left open.

Detailed instructions are available here –> How to SUG
New to SUG?  Start with these instructions  —>     New to SUG?

——————————-  TROUBLESHOOTING ———————————

Signup opens Monday at 7:30pm and closes Friday at noon.  (Call the course after 4pm Friday for changes over weekend.)

Access Code required?    This means that the tournament committee has either:

  1. Not yet released the signup – Keep refreshing your screen until the signup opens.
  2. Closed signups for the week – Deadline for signup is NOON on Friday.  Call the clubhouse at 703-941-1061 after noon on Friday for changes.

Didn’t receive the email invite?    This could be due to various causes:

  1. We don’t have your current email address.  (contact the league secretary)
  2. Your email host is putting the emails into your JUNK folder.
  3. Your email host is rejecting the emails.  (check your email host to see about setting as a “whitelist” sender.)
  4. If all the above fails, contact Helen Crum for assistance.

Note:  You can sign into directly with your username and password.  You’ll be able to view the signups to which you’ve been invited and signup for a tee time.

Updated 12/7/2017