Playing in Cold Weather

Here’s a short list of tips for playing golf in the colder months:

1.   Before you leave the house, put two balls into your pocket to warm them up.
2.   Alternate the two balls on the course – ball 1 for hole 1, ball 2 for hole 2, ball 1for hole 3 etc.  This keeps the balls warm and they should travel further.
3.   Wear layers of clothes.  It is easier to peel off the extra layers than it is to get warm once you are cold.
.   Wear a ski hat or wool hat.  If you need a visor put it on under the hat.
5.   Wear a glove on each hand. Winter gloves are available.  Alternatively, invest in some hand warmers
6.   Wear a neck warmer
7.   Use more club as your ball will not travel as far in the cold weather.

(Thanks to Helen Burke for this helpful information.)