Week 20 results

Lots of birdies this week!  Especially on Hole #2.   List in the Winners report.
And our League President, Ruth Coakley, won the Chip In pot!

No Excuses – Throw out Worst Hole (Low Gross)       Winners      Details

PWGA Website        https://pwgawebsite.wordpress.com

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Week 19 results (Ace of Aces and Up and On)

Weather was not cooperative today.  Very wet and rainy!

Up and On         Winners    Details

NEXT WEEK is No Excuses – Throw out worst hole (Low Gross).  Record your total strokes as usual.  The computer will remove the hole with the most # of strokes from your score.

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Week 18 results (Even Holes only – Gross)

Beautiful day for golf!

Even Holes only (Gross score)               Winners          Detail

Today was the last day of July so the monthly reports were run.  Look on our website under the Reports menu item for “Monthly Reports” to view the Handicaps, Ringers and Point totals reports.  Or click this link to view them now.

NEXT WEEK is Ace of Aces and Up & On.  Remember to record your total strokes on each hole as usual.  To determine winners of the Up & On event, the computer will take total strokes minus putts.  Yes, it’s a Gross event.



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Week 17 results (Low Net)

The 85-90 degree humid weather and wet course conditions didn’t deter 42 members from playing today.

Low Net              Winners        Details

Next week’s game is Even Holes Only (Gross).  Yes, only the even holes will be counted by the computer to determine your score for next week.  So play your best on #8 and win, win, win.  Please continue to remember to pre, during and post hydrate in these hot temperatures.

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Week 16 Captain’s Choice

48 ladies played on this sunny and hot (72-87) day.  Today’s Captain’s Choice team winners will be announced and receive their prizes at the end of year luncheon on Nov 6th.

Next week is Low Net.

The following “4th of July ensembles” picture was added to the 2017: PWGA Photos link under the For Members menu option on the PWGA website.

4th of July Ensembles


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Photos added to the website

Sorry for the 2nd email today, but thought you might appreciate knowing we’ve posted some new photos to the website.  Our thanks to Stacy Hickman for providing the photos.

Just so you know, you can view Photos anytime on the website by clicking “For Members” then hovering your mouse over Photos to see the list of photos, then click the set that you want to view.   For now, you can just click the links below:


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Week 15 Results

It was a HOT, HUMID day!  Ugh!  Summer is REALLY here!

Remember to seek shade and Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!!


Today’s results       Red, White & Blue     Winners     Details

PWGA Website is https://pwgawebsite.wordpress.com/






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Week 14 Results

It was a HOT and HUMID day but 59 determined ladies didn’t let that stop them from playing today.

Week 14 Low Gross        Winners      Details    Ace of Aces Qualifiers

Next week’s game is Red White & Blue (Low Net).  It’s a fun day where you’ll alternate teeing off from first the Red tees, then the White tees, then the Blue tees!  Enter scores as usual into the computer but they will not be included in the Handicap calculation.





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Week 13 Results

If you’re wondering about Week 12, last week, the winners of the Captain’s Choice are announced at the Annual Luncheon.  All players received attendance credit. Detail

Week 13  Crier’s Tourney, Throw out Best Hole   Winners    Detail
Hole with the least # of strokes was not included in your Total Score. Low Gross.

Since this is the last week of play for this month, handicaps were calculated and Monthly Reports were updated.  View them here.

The weather finally cooperated so Hernan led 10 of our members thru Sand and Bunker lessons.  Can’t wait to try what we learned on the course next week.


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Week 11 Results

51 ladies played in today’s hot, humid 90+ temperatures. (Of course the high was 97 “real feel”)   Lots of birdies and chip ins today!  Congrats everyone.

Week 11     O-N-E-S       Winners     Details

The Sand and Bunker lesson originally scheduled for today will be re-scheduled.

A request please.  When you are entering scores into the computer, if something didn’t seem to go in correctly leave a note in the box with the scorecard to the Tournament Committee asking them to re-check for you.  It’s MUCH easier to have them correct something before the day is closed out and all the reports are printed, posted and distributed.  Thank you!



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