Tournament Winners – 2016

Club Champion & Runner-up: 
Club Champion Gross:  Sally Reams
Club Champion Net:  Mary Anderson
Runner Up Gross:   Diana Estep
Runner Up Net:   Sally Wolfman

Championship Flight Winners:  (must have played 10 rounds to be eligible; 3 rounds of tournament; must play 2 rounds; best 2 rounds are used; can NOT win in more than 1 category.)
Flight A
Gross:   Helen Shinn (1st); Jeanie Tulipane (2nd); Ingrid Tomasek  (3rd)
Net:    Kathy Rath (1st);  E. Lynn Smith (2nd); Judy Erickson (3rd)
Putts:   Jane Barnes (1st); Fran Watkins (2nd); Sun Corleis (3rd)
Flight B
Gross:   Helen Burke (1st); Song-Ja Kim (2nd); Barbara Miller (3rd)
Net:    Kathi Pierce (1st);  Connie deLorimier (2nd); Noni Milici (3rd)
Putts:   Anne Turcol (1st); Ann Forquer (2nd); Ellen Wertman (3rd)
Flight C
Gross:   Lois Page (1st); Susan Crawford (2nd); Jung Hee Kim (3rd)
Net:    Carole Slack (1st);  Cindy Fedder (2nd); Nancy Freeman (3rd)
Putts:   Martha Cogdell (1st); Michelle Moldenhauer (2nd); Ruth Coakley (3rd)
Flight D
Gross:   Wanda Martinson (1st);Donna Caruso (2nd); Cindy Covell (3rd)
Net:    Linda Patierno (1st);  Karen Farrington (2nd)
Putts:   Karen Fedele (1st); Christine Rupprecht (2nd)

There were 3 flag days this year in which golf balls are awarded in each flight for longest drive and prize for all flights for closest to the pin on par 3 holes .

May 9:
Longest Drive: Flight A, Diana Estep; Flight B, None; Flight C, Stacy Hickman; Flight D, Mai Le
Closest to Pin (all flights): Ellen Wertman #3, Ingrid Tomasek #7, Sally Reams #9
Closes to Line on Drive:  Helen Burke

June 27:
Longest Drive: Flight A, Lynn DeMeester; Flight B, Jung Kim; Flight C, Martha Cogdell; Flight D, Margaret Denise
Closest to Pin (all flights): Stacy Hickman #3, Helen Burke, #7, Helen Burke #9

August 8:
Longest Drive: Flight A, Lynn Smith; Flight B, Jung Kim; Flight C, Stacy Hickman; Flight D, Nancy Freeman.  Honorable Mention for going beyond length of fairway & in the middle – Pat Martin
Closest to Pin (all flights): Kathy Staines #3, Lynn Smith #7, Fran Watkins #9

Captain=s Choice Events – 2 held this year – Net score was used
July 18: Bernadette (Bunny Maurer) & Rene Pashuta (two-some)
Judy Muratore, Carole Slack, Sally Wolfman
Aug. 15: Wanda Martinson, Sharon Monde, Karen Farrington

Participation: Out of 30 rounds scheduled, Annalee McCann played all 30 rounds.
Most Improved: Connie deLorimier – 3 stroke improvement, began season with HC of 21, ended season with HC of 18.
Ringer Tournament for each flight your best score for each hole is added together at the end of the season.
Flight A: Helen Burke (1st) – with a score of 31; Fran Watkins (2nd)
Flight B: E. Lynn Smith (1st); Kathi Pierce (2nd)
Flight C: Sally Wolfman (1st); Ruth Coakley (2nd)
Flight D: Wanda Martinson (1st); Anneli Sexton (2nd)

Ace of Aces – low gross & low net qualifiers and alternates without regard to flight on 1st Monday (or 2nd Monday if 1st one is a holiday).  In final round, scores of 12 persons compared.
Low Gross:
Low Net: