Tournament Winners – 2014

Club Champion & Runner-up:
Low Net Runner-up: Ruth Coakley
Low Net Champion: Sandy Lawrence
Gross Runner-up: Helen Burke
Gross Champion: Ingrid Tomasek

Championship Flight Winners
Flight D
Putts: Mary Lou D’Alessandris (2nd); Karen Fedele (1st)
Net: Becky Hubler (2nd); Arlene Shapiro (1st)
Gross: Kitty Miller (2nd); Karen Farrington (1st)
Flight C
Putts: Sarah Daniel (3rd); Margaret Denise (2nd); Jo Keister (1st)
Net: Susan Crawford (3rd); Rose Cumiskey (2nd); Michelle Moldenhauer (1st)
Gross: Martha Cogdell (3rd); Lucinda Audey (2nd); Sarah Tiller (1st)
Flight B
Putts: Barbara Miller (3rd); Jane Shapiro (2nd); Anne Chen (1st)
Net: Lois Page (3rd); Cecily Winchell (2nd); Helen Shinn (1st)
Gross: Liz Lourie (3rd); Helen Crum (2nd); Kathi Pierce (1st)
Flight A
Putts: Song Ja Kim (3rd); Mary Lewis (2nd); Jane Barnes (1st)
Net: Sun Corleis (3rd); Lynn Demeester (2nd); Lynn Smith (1st)
Gross: Sally Reams (3rd); Diana Estep (2nd); Fran Watkins (1st)

There were 3 flag days this year in which 2 golf balls are awarded in each flight for longest drive and prize for all flights for closest to the pin on par 3 holes .

May 12:
Closest to Pin (all flights): Linda Steele #3, Pam Odom #7, Lynn Demeester #9
Longest Drive: Flight A, Pam Odom; Flight B, Yung Kim; Flight C, Sarah Daniel; Flight D, Judy Smith

June 23:
Closest to Pin (all flights): Susan Ciochetto #3, Lois Page, #7, Ingrid Tomasek #9
Longest Drive: Flight A, Mary Lewis; Flight B, Jeanie Tulipane; Flight C, Jane Shapiro; Flight D, Ruth Barratto

August 11:
Closest to Pin (all flights): Sally Reams #3, Jung Kim #7, Chris Rupprecht #9
Longest Drive: Flight A, Helen Burke; Flight B, Betty Lester; Flight C, Jane Shapiro; Flight D, Elaine Voss

Captain=s Choice Tournaments – 2 held this year – Net score was used
May 19: Susan Digiacinto, Stacy Hickman, Cecily Winchell, Jung Kim
Aug. 18: Karen Farrington, Ruth Coakley, Mary Techau, Susan Crawford
Best Attendance (28 rounds) goes to Song Ja Kim
Most Improved: Sun Corleis B 3 stroke improvement in handicap as determined by VSGA indices to compare beginning & ending handicap as well as some other mathematical factors.
Ringer Tournament for each flight your best score for each hole is added together at the end of the season.
Flight D Judy Smith (2nd); Karen Fedele (1st)
Flight C Jo Keister (2nd); Lucinda Audey (1st)
Flight B Kathi Pierce (2nd); Jeanie Tulipane (1st)
Flight A Sally Reams (2nd); Helen Burke (1st) – with a score of 29
Ace of Aces
Low Net: Chris Rupprecht
Low Gross: Fran Watkins