Tournament Winners – 2019

(left to right) Whitney Engstrom, Sun Corleis, Ingrid Tomasek and Kitty Yuthin

Congratulations to our 2019 Club Champion & Runner-ups:
Gross Champion: Whitney Engstrom
Low Net Champion: Sun Corleis
Gross Runner-up: Kitty Yuthin
Low Net Runner-up: Ingrid Tomasek
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  • Special Recognition:
    Whitney Engstrom scored 24 birdies this year! (out of 27 rounds)
  • Ace of Aces Winners :
    Low Gross: Whitney Engstrom
    Low Net: Paula Rothenberg
  • Ringer Tournament Winners
    Flight A: Whitney Engstrom (2nd); Kitty Yuthin (1st)
    Flight B: Sandy Lawrence (2nd); Stacy Hickman (1st)
    Flight C: Susan Crawford (2nd); Sue Edwards (1st)
    Flight D: Nancy Jones (2nd); Lois Page (1st)
  • Most Improved:     Kitty Yuthin  5HC improvement (13 to 8)
  • Best Attendance    Annalee McCann (27 out of 27 rounds)
  • Captain’s Choice Tournament Winners
    Jun 17: Karen Fedele, Linda Nguyen, Jyoti Shresth, Judy Smith
    Aug 19: Shirley Brott, Lisa Dolan, Linda Nguyen, Jane Shapiro
  • Flag day winners
    May 20: Longest Drive – Cindy Fedder (D), Susan Staines (C), Ellen Wertman (B), Kitty Yuthin (A)     Closest to Pin – Barb Chadbourne (#3), Kitty Yuthin (#7), Song-Ja Kim (#9)
    July 22: Longest Drive – Donna Caruso (D), Susan Crawford (C), Jung Kim (B), Whitney Engstrom (A)     Closest to Pin – Noni Milici (#3), Helen Shinn (#7), Shirley McKinley (#9)
    Aug. 12: Longest Drive – Donna Caruso (D), Sarah Tiller (C), Judy Aw (B), Barb Chadbourne (A)     Closest to Pin – Kitty Yuthin (#3, Lynn De Meester (#7), Whitney Engstrom (#9)